Sustainability and LEED Principles

We Believe In Leading By Example, So We Have Developed A Sustainability Policy That Encompasses Our Office Operations, Community Involvement And Professional Projects.

Sustainable design is more important now than ever before, and the design process is the perfect opportunity to incorporate sustainable design measures. GlotmanSimpson focuses on creative green design solutions that benefit clients, building owners and tenants, while also minimizing environmental impacts for years to come.

Sustainability, LEED certification and green technologies are always at the forefront of our design. GlotmanSimpson is currently working on several projects where LEED Certification is required and have several LEED certified professionals on staff who are regularly assigned to our various project teams to provide their input and expertise. We believe that our experience and involvement on these projects allows us to assist the overall design team with issues such as construction waste, the re-use of materials, fly-ash in concrete, the efficiency and durability of structures and the use of local materials, to name just a few.

LEED Certified Projects

The following is a short list of some of our LEED certified projects:

  • TELUS Garden LEED Platinum (Office) and LEED Gold (Residential) Certified
  • UBC Alumni Centre LEED Gold Certified
  • Hope Centre at Lions Gate Hospital LEED Gold Certified
  • UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences LEED Gold Certified
  • Creekside Community Centre LEED Platinum Certified
  • Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Double LEED Platinum Certified
  • Vancouver Olympic Village LEED Platinum (Village Community) and LEED Gold (Residential) Certified
  • Langara College Library and Classroom Building LEED Gold Certified

Leading by Example

We also believe in leading by example, so we have developed a sustainability policy that encompasses our office operations, community involvement and professional projects.

  • SE 2050 – As of 2021, Glotman•Simpson has committed to the SE 2050 Program. SE 2050’s main goals are to EDUCATE the structural engineering profession on best practices of sustainable structural design and construction that will lead to achieving net-zero embodied carbon by 2050; ENGAGE in an embodied carbon tracking program within the structural engineering profession to enable the establishment of appropriate embodied carbon reduction targets until net zero is realized; and, REPORT on the current embodied carbon impacts and trends of various structural systems for different regions through the country, additionally to advocate and communicate with clients and the community to build an understanding about embodied carbon and impacts of the built environment.
  • Climate Smart – From 2013-2020,  Glotman•Simpson worked with Climate Smart to measure and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint inventory. During this time, we saw an overall 20%+ reduction in our office carbon emissions.  With the help of our in-house GS Green Team, the firm implemented paperless accounting procedures, digital sealing processes, implemented a robust recycling/compost system, exchanged lighting to LED, programmed thermostat settings, reduced the temperature of our hot water supply, along with many other sustainable improvements to our internal office operations.
  • Glotman Simpson Cycling Club – We also support cycling for transportation and recreation through the Glotman•Simpson Cycling Club, a community-based group of riders who promote riding for cyclists of all levels and interests. The Club is also committed to raising money for pancreatic cancer research and has raised nearly $3.5M for pancreatic cancer research since 2007.
  • Research and Findings – We carefully monitor the latest trends in low embodied carbon practices, aiming to raise awareness within the wider building community and promote the widespread adoption of sustainable materials + technologies to help create healther + more resilient communities, based on internal studies. We need to think beyond what we can do as individuals, rather what we can do as a community and as an industry.


Sustainable Design - Journey to Net Zero - Glotman SimpsonOn Track Sustainability - Featured Image - GSGlotman Simpson Consulting Engineers - Transfer BeamsGlotman Simpson Consulting Engineers Journey to Net Zero - Footing Elements Glotman Simpson Journey To Net Zero - Post Tension Slab