Diversity at GS

We proudly support and champion diversity and inclusion in our organization and within our industry.

GlotmanSimpson is committed to providing an open and inclusive environment, that promotes greater creativity, innovation, and engagement.

We are proud to be the founding firm and title sponsor of WCE (Women in Consulting Engineering), an organization devoted to empowering women in engineering and increasing gender diversity and inclusion in our industry.  In addition, we support many of our team members who are actively involved in other organizations moving the dial on diversity within AEC.

GlotmanSimpson has also implemented numerous measures within our recruiting and retention practices, including implementing blind resume screening, mobilizing a diverse hiring and selection committee, and taking a proactive approach to create opportunities that maintain diversity in the retention of team members in our organization.  Our staff take diversity and inclusion training as part of career development and, our management team constantly evaluates our culture and internal procedures to ensure we are maintaining a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment.

GlotmanSimpson is committed to honouring and celebrating today’s female leaders, working to empower tomorrows, and supporting the advancement of gender equality within our industry.