Director of Sustainability - Rachelle Habchi - Glotman Simpson

Promoting sustainable building design is a key focus at Glotman Simpson. This focus finds its embodiment in our commitment to SE2050 – a pledge amongst structural engineers to create substantial embodied carbon reductions in the design and construction of structural systems to reach net-zero by 2050. Recognizing the magnitude of this goal, we find ourselves fortunate to have a natural leader whose passion for sustainability align seamlessly with this long-term vision. We take great pride in introducing Rachelle Habchi as our newly appointed Director of Sustainability.

During her university years, Rachelle was introduced to the concept of sustainable building design. Intrigued by its significance, she became curious about integrating these principles into her career in structural engineering. Since joining Glotman Simpson in 2020, Rachelle has actively embraced opportunities to be involved in adaptive reuse structures and projects with an amplified focus on sustainability. This journey has not only deepened her affection for sustainability but also solidified her commitment to its practice.

In her capacity as Director of Sustainability, Rachelle is leading Glotman Simpson’s SE2050 commitments, keeping the firm on track to be net-zero by 2050. She also leads our internal sustainability committee and coordinates our GS OnTrack blog series, a monthly publication dedicated to specific elements of structural building design, and sustainable alternatives + solutions. She’s looking forward to continuing to learn more extensively about building decarbonization, educating people within our firm and beyond on how to reduce embodied carbon in their daily designs, further integrating life cycle assessments into our BIM workflow and finding clever structural solutions to reduce embodied carbon.

Rachelle’s influence extends beyond our firm’s walls. Rachelle is the co-policy lead for the Carbon Leadership Forum – Los Angeles (CLF-LA), a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating building decarbonization with a specific focus on embodied carbon. She is also currently the Chair of the SEAOSC Sustainable Design Committee and leads efforts to educate and collaborate with local structural engineers focused on reducing embodied carbon.

“As the new Director of Sustainability, I’m excited to steer Glotman Simpson towards a more sustainable and equitable future by bringing together my passions for sustainability and structural design. ” says Rachelle.

Rachelle’s appointment as Director of Sustainability ensures Glotman Simpson’s resolute commitment to a low carbon, and more sustainable future.