GS Promotion Announcement - New Leadership - Harrison Glotman + Chris Smith

Our firm, with a legacy spanning nearly six decades, is delighted to introduce two exceptional professionals who have been appointed as Principals at Glotman Simpson: Chris Smith and Harrison Glotman.

Chris Smith, MS, PE, SE brings a wealth of experience to our team as a licensed Civil and Structural Engineer. His journey with Glotman Simpson began in 2016 when he spearheaded the establishment of our Los Angeles office, marking the start of a remarkable partnership. Over the years, he has been at the forefront of numerous remarkable projects, demonstrating his expertise in diverse areas of Structural Engineering.

From innovative office buildings to towering residential structures and low-rise wood podiums, Chris has consistently delivered exceptional results. His dedication to providing top-notch client service and his relentless pursuit of value addition for our clients have been the cornerstones of his career. Chris’s commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with Glotman Simpson’s core values, making him a natural fit for a leadership role within our firm.

Harrison Glotman, MS, PE, SE is another dynamic addition to our leadership team. Harrison’s educational background includes a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from Stanford University, where he specialized in Seismic Engineering. His career began working on high-end residential homes, new builds, and retrofits of iconic buildings in major urban centers like New York City and San Francisco.

Since joining Glotman Simpson in 2017, Harrison has lent his expertise to a diverse portfolio of projects, encompassing Mass Timber offices, steel schools, and concrete towers. Collaborating closely with our Director of Sustainability, Harrison is instrumental in ensuring our firm remains at the forefront of innovation in low embodied carbon design. He has also been an active contributor to industry knowledge, sharing his insights on Mass Timber and sustainability at various conferences and spearheading initiatives within our office.

While Harrison enjoys the unique technical challenges each project presents, he places equal emphasis on nurturing the strong relationships formed through close collaboration. His commitment to both the technical and people aspects of his work mirrors the values at the heart of Glotman Simpson.

We are thrilled to welcome this new generation of Principals to our firm. With their leadership, enthusiasm, and expertise, we are confident in upholding the strong reputation and design excellence we’ve cultivated since 1964.