UBC Chemical & Biological Engineering Facility

Vancouver B.C. ● Academic

The six storey state-of-the-art Chemical and Biological Engineering Facility at the University of British Columbia provides a variety of teaching and research spaces for the study of biological, environmental and process engineering, and houses the Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC). Originally in planning since the 1980’s, the 123,000 square foot facility finally became a reality and replaced the existing Chemical and Biological Engineering building as well as research facilities in multiple other buildings located on the UBC campus.

The structure incorporates both tilt-up and flat slab concrete with structural steel, and features open web steel joists and post-tensioned beams.

Commissioned by UBC Properties Trust, the facility houses lecture halls, laboratories, and offices. The top floors are dedicated to graduate student research labs and office space, with undergraduate facilities located on the fourth and third floors. The fifth floor features a central analytical lab, shared by department researchers, and the second floor contains the main department office, the Norman Epstein Reading Room, a lunch room, and meeting and seminar spaces. The fifth floor also looks out over a beautiful two-storey atrium.

Images: © Bunting Coady