Haida Gwaii Hospital & Health Centre

Haida Gwaii ● Health Care

The Haida Gwaii Hospital and Health Centre houses what used to be spread over five aging structures: a long term care facility overlooks the harbour, while the emergency room, laboratory, and imaging facility are located on the floor below. Built to LEED Gold Standards, the hospital estimates reducing CO2 emissions by 27 tonnes annually and maximizes the use of wood consistent with the Province’s Wood First Act.

Haida Gwaii Hospital and Heath Centre is a Post-Disaster facility located in one of Canada’s most seismically active areas, seismic performance was front of mind for GlotmanSimpson on this project. The site is located within close proximity to the Queen Charlotte fault, which generated a M8.1 earthquake in 1949 – Canada’s largest recorded earthquake in modern times. This fault system has triggered regular earthquakes since then, including six events of M3.3 – M5.2 within 100 km of the site during the construction. There was no damage to the structure during these events; however, they served as constant reminders of the very real importance of our work to protect the safety of the hospital’s occupants and allow continued operation of the facility following large earthquakes.