Ariel Suites

San Diego California ● Mixed Use

Ariel Suites is a 25-storey post-tensioned rental residential building located in the Little Italy community of downtown San Diego. This dynamic mixed-use project features 224 apartments and over 17,300 SF of retail / commercial space at the ground level.

The tower is founded on a 5 level subterranean garage that is constructed 4 levels below the water table. The water table was pumped locally to depress water levels during construction. Tensioned ground anchors were then installed in portions of the garage distant from the tower footprint to account for a building mass which was less than the surcharge loading from water pressure. At the roof level, a lighted structural steel feature fin crowns the building and extends over 30’ above the main roof line. Another unique project feature is the “green roof” which acts as a storm water BMP that also provides landscaping for the upper level areas.