11th & Broadway

San Diego ● Mixed Use

The Pinnacle International 11th & Broadway 641,000 SF development proposes to bring back elegance to downtown San Diego at the east end of Broadway. The design for the project brings retail, lobby, and public plaza activity to all fronting streets. The design is simple, clean, and elegant as a throwback to the earlier days with a timeless modern sensibility.

The two towers of 31-storeys and 32-storeys meet the street at Broadway, 11th as well as Park & E and the public urban plaza making a strong urban presence on both corners. The concept is to make the glass walls and glass balconies “disappear” while blending with the sky and the base, 5-storey interval articulations, and a single vertical element dominating visually.

The twin residential towers feature 623 units residential, 10,000 SF of retail, and six levels of below-grade parking. The black porcelain podium has retail, residential lobbies, and an urban plaza along 11th Avenue and fosters a pedestrian-oriented retail street experience.