Stephen Gonzales Spotlight Banner

Here at Glotman Simpson, our team of creative thinkers are our foundation, including our clever co-op students.  In our GS Co-op Spotlight, we are shining the light on Stephen, and hearing about his passion for structural engineering and his experience during his co-op work term at GS.


Where are you going to school?

I graduated with a Diploma from BCIT and will be starting school this Summer at Lakehead University to finish my bachelor’s degree.

What made you interested in structural engineering? 

After my two years at BCIT, I found structural engineering to be the most interesting and enjoyable field of study. I had done a project designing a steel-framed building, and from there, I found my passion for structural engineering.

What made you want to do a co-op with Glotman Simpson? 

I had first heard of Glotman Simpson through connections and did some research. I recognized many of the projects GS had done and was very excited for the opportunity to work with the team.

What is your favourite project you have gotten to work on?

My favourite project I have gotten to work on is The Butterfly in downtown Vancouver. The building has an intriguing design, and I have enjoyed working on submittals, as well as being able to visit the site.

What is the best lesson you have learned while on your co-op?

The best lesson I learned on co-op is to be very organized and save everything.Keeping things organized goes a long way, especially for anyone later reviewing what work is done, what has been checked, and what still needs to be done. 

What is your most memorable experience so far and why?

My most memorable experience so far is going out with the field engineer’s on-site visits. It has been incredible to see projects come together and all the work that goes into it.

How have we helped you succeed in your future goals? 

Glotman Simpson has helped me with my future goals by providing me with unparalleled experience in construction administration and design work. I was able to deepen my understanding of design concepts and better understand how different aspects of construction all come together. 

What will you be taking away from this experience for your future? 

I will be taking away the understanding of how each part of the building works together and interacts with other components. Visiting sites has also helped me better visualize what I am reading on drawings and plans.