BCBC 2018 Code Changes

As part of our efforts to keep our clients and design partners apprised of the evolution of structural design, Glotman Simpson has prepared the attached summary of the most significant building impacts from the newly adopted 2018 BC Building Code. You may ask:  wasn’t 2018 two years ago, and how does this apply to me!?

Both good questions!  First, the BC Building Code is adopted by various jurisdictions in the years following it’s issuance, so though it is formally dated 2018, it hasn’t been adopted by most major jurisdictions until just recently.  Second, we’ve tried to limit our summary to big ticket items that impact spatial floor efficiency, general building massing, and items that impact “setting out” of buildings at early planning stages.  We’ve provided a summary in two documents:

If you’d like to discuss with us, please feel free to call on us at any time. We’d be pleased to provide you with a more in depth summary, or setup a Zoom meeting for your office, should you wish to learn more.