Changing the high-rise typology, The Butterfly Project in Downtown Vancouver aims to create an atmosphere that will influence emotions and inspiration through the use of sky gardens and abundant outdoor spaces.

Westbank's The Butterfly

The Butterfly is a 57-storey mixed-use development in the heart of downtown Vancouver which involves the heritage restoration and expansion of one of the City’s most historic churches, together with the integration of a residential tower and a social housing building. The podium levels and galleria are closely integrated with the heritage church, providing expanded community program spaces, daycare, offices and affordable rental housing. The entire complex is envisioned to extend and integrate into the rich landscape of Vancouver’s vibrant West End neighbourhood.

The market tower reconsiders the high-rise typology by introducing shared outdoor garden spaces on each level that allow social spaces for neighbourly interaction and intimate groupings of residents. These outdoor breezeways also contribute to energy reduction by up to 10% by encouraging natural ventilation and reducing the tower’s reliance on conditioned circulation space. The unique form of the tower will provide Vancouver with a bold new iconic landmark that highlights the highpoint of the downtown peninsula and the historic gateway into the West End.

The Butterfly and First Baptist Church restoration aims to meet or exceed City of Vancouver requirements for building and energy performance, sustainable site design, access to nature, green mobility, water efficiency and stormwater management, zero waste planning, and affordable housing.

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