Yale Hotel

Vancouver B.C. ● Restoration / Seismic Upgrade

One of Vancouver’s oldest buildings, the Yale Hotel was originally built in 1889 as a bunk house for single male Canadian Pacific Railway workers. A three-storey, Second Empire-style building, the Yale is distinguished by its bellcast mansard roof, gabled dormer windows, and round arched windows. It later attained legendary status as one of the premier blues music clubs in North America.

As part of the rezoning of the adjacent Rolston development, the 126 year old heritage building received safety, structural, and seismic upgrading, tying in the vertical and horizontal wood frame elements of the building. The hotel’s brick façade is completely re-attached and restored, with additional windows facing the street.

The current dropped ceiling panels were removed, restoring the bar area to its original full 14 foot height, with special drywall to dampen any sound travelling to rooms upstairs. Other interior improvements included a new bar, kitchen, dressing rooms, and larger wooden dance floor.

The cherished heritage building will continue to grace Granville Street, restored to its original charm.

Images: © Bob Matheson