Kiwanis Garden Village

West Vancouver B.C. ● Residential

Kiwanis Garden Village is one of three non-profit, low income housing developments in West Vancouver. Four buildings make up Kiwanis Garden Village, which is owned and operated by Kiwanis Senior Housing and Community Service Society of West Vancouver.

Following the earlier completion of Kiwanis Manor and Kiwanis Court, the Cypress and Terrace buildings were added in 2014. Tying in these new residences to the existing buildings required extensive re-landscaping; 304 units were built around a central community garden featuring plots, edible plants, an outdoor amenity patio, and a central seating area. The buildings were designed with sustainability in the forefront; durable, low maintenance building materials were used. Wood was chosen as the primary material due to its durability, cost-effectiveness, and climate-change neutrality.

The buildings in the project also feature extra insulation, triple pane low-E windows, energy efficient light fixtures, and low flow water fixtures. To reduce the need for electricity, the design takes advantage of daylight by using larger windows and full-glazed amenity rooms. Sunshades mitigate solar penetration on south facing units and a heat-recovery ventilation system reduces energy needed for heating.