HOpe Centre at Lions Gate Hospital

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The HOpe Centre at Lions Gate Hospital is a mix of mental health research space, clinical patient space, a resource centre and treatment areas. It adjoins and connects to an existing Hospital campus, with at‐grade and below‐grade links that remained active during the construction process, and is connected to the mental health facility.

The structure is six levels with two levels of below ground parking, with one level of parkade housing the BC Ambulance Service Centre for North Vancouver. The structural building system is a post disaster, post tensioned concrete structure and LEED Gold certified.

GlotmanSimpson devised a scheme to thermally isolate the bulk concrete exposed exterior façades that dominate the exterior of the building. This isolation system detached the façade concrete elements from the interior of the building spaces to optimize the building’s energy performance and to maintain interior comfort to patients, researchers and clinical staff.

By providing the necessary research infrastructure, the HOpe Centre serves as a focal point for individual clinic and community based researchers, supporting a wide array of new research studies. The Centre’s role in educating and training medical students from UBC was also expanded, with room to accommodate 100 students.