Flack Block

Vancouver B.C. ● Restoration / Seismic Upgrade

Originally built between 1898 and 1900, the Flack Block was once at the centre of Vancouver’s financial and legal district, located directly across from Victory Square at the corner of West Hastings and Cambie Streets. Its elaborate, original archway entry had been carved in sandstone, but was removed over a half century ago due to years of degradation. To recreate the entry and restore the Flack Block façade to its former stately glory, approximately 80,000 pounds of limestone was hand-carved into a breathtaking display of mythical griffins, wizened faces and floral ornamentation. Vintage photographs of the original archway were used as a guide.

The rough-dressed existing sandstone and masonry heritage façade, heavy timber, and steel internal structure were fully renovated, complete with seismic, mechanical, and electrical systems upgrades. Modern HVAC, air conditioning, and new central elevator were introduced. A 6,100 square foot contemporary steel and glass roof top addition was also incorporated into the original four storey structure, extending the building to 50,200 square feet.

The building is the recipient of the 2010 Heritage BC Outstanding Achievement Award and the 2009 City of Vancouver Heritage Honour Award.