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The 14th annual Cypress Challenge continued a strong fundraising streak despite second virtual event.

From August 2-8, 2021, over 150 participants took part in the 2021 Glotman Simpson Cypress Challenge, collectively raising more than $215,000.  Incredible support that since 2008, has raised over $3.87 million.  

The renowned Cypress Challenge event serves to raise awareness and funding for BC Cancer and pancreatic cancer research. Typically, an in-person event, Cypress Challenge was held virtually for the second year on August 2-8, 2021. Rather than cycling together on one set date, participants were given the opportunity to select a route with similar elements, 12km in distance and 900m of elevation, and log their rides on a cycling tracker, Strava, within the week-long time frame. 

Glotman•Simpson Consulting Engineers’ very own team, the GS Home Team Riders (consisting of Harrison Glotman, Simone Baker, Cody Johnston, Brett Martens, James Pratt, Brandon Schachter, Levi Stoelting, Dareen Thabet, Nick Sverdlenko and Holly Tucker) raised over $3,000. The GS Home Team’s fundraising initiative included “Spin-for-Cypress,” which saw the live-streaming of Glotman Simpson’s Principals riding stationary bikes for a full day. “Spin-for-Cypress” recaps and a full recording of the stream can be found on Glotman Simpson’s YouTube channel.

Glotman•Simpson Consulting Engineers looks forward to the 15th Annual Cypress Challenge, which we hope will back to in person next year, bringing together the energy of our community, raising funds, and drawing further awareness to pancreatic cancer.

About Cypress Challenge:
The Cypress Challenge began in 2008, organized by Glotman•Simpson Cycling Club and a group of friendly cyclists who wanted to promote awareness and raise funds for pancreatic cancer research and care. With so few survivors of this awful disease to advocate for research and funding, the Cypress Challenge was established to raise awareness and support with the hope that more funds for research will lead to improved outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients. Over its 14-year history, the Cypress Challenge has raised $3.87 million and is the largest privately funded fundraising event for pancreatic cancer in Canada, and the largest community-based event for BC Cancer Foundation.

Learn more about the work being performed at BC Cancer and how your dollars will help pancreatic cancer research and care.