Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Earth Day is an annual global event that brings people together from all over the world to raise awareness and to take action towards a more sustainable future for all of earth’s inhabitants.

At GlotmanSimpson we strive to make a difference by continuously monitoring and taking steps to reduce our own carbon footprint and the carbon footprint of every project we are involved in. Designing for sustainability is one of GlotmanSimpson’s key considerations when approaching a new project. We recognize the long-term impacts that buildings have on our communities and strive to design with respect for the people who use them and the environment. We believe that the design process is the perfect opportunity to incorporate sustainable design measures that contribute to a positive overall environment.

Our commitment to leadership in sustainability is reflected in our project results, for example: our TELUS Garden project was the first office tower in North America to be built to LEED Platinum standards, while the Vancouver Convention Centre set a new bar in sustainability by achieving LEED Double Platinum Certification.

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