Ricardo Suarez GS Co Op Spotlight

Here at Glotman Simpson, our team of creative thinkers are our foundation, including our clever co-op students.  This GS Co-op Spotlight, Features Ricardo who was part of our co-op team for 8-months this year working closely with our Construction Administration team. Read the other post in our series here.


Where are you going to school? 

University of British Columbia

What made you interested in structural engineering? 

I am originally from Mexico City, which is known for having severe earthquakes. I always admired structural engineers for the level of responsibility they take to keep everybody safe. I love helping others and challenging problems, so I knew structural engineering was my ideal career.

What made you want to do a co-op with Glotman Simpson? 

Glotman Simpson is incredibly well known for working on complex projects and innovative buildings. When I heard about this firm in my second year of university and learned about the types of projects they do, I knew I wanted to work there. I could tell it would be the perfect place to start my structural engineering career.

What is your favourite project you have gotten to work on? 

I have had the opportunity to work on so many remarkable projects, but I have to say Koreatown in LA has been my favourite. I got to review many of the structural elements for this project and, it has taught me so many lessons, like how to review reinforcing properly.

What is the best lesson you have learned while on your co-op?

Every day I have learned something new. One of the biggest lessons I have been taught is how to properly manage my time and multitask. As a co-op student at GS, you get a lot of responsibilities compared to my previous co-ops. Therefore, it is extremely important to allocate adequate time for each task and have the flexibility for urgent submittals. It has been challenging, but I absolutely love it.

What is your most memorable experience so far and why?

Due to the pandemic, there have not been many social gatherings, but I have enjoyed the Friday food trucks with my colleagues. It is fun to get to know everyone outside work. It is incredible to see how everybody treats each other as friends.

How have we helped you succeed in your future goals? 

GS has taught me what it takes to become a structural engineer. I learned more in my six months here at GS than I did in my entire university career. I have learned how buildings work and get built which, I will be able to apply to my future endeavours once I go back to school and even after graduation.

What will you be taking away from this experience for your future? 

Everything! GS taught me so much, from how buildings work, to how to read structural drawings. This co-op experience gave me the confidence to start my structural engineering career path.