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Glotman•Simpson’s Journey to Net Zero

In the last few years, several ominous phrases have crept into our daily lexicon including “atmospheric rivers”, “quarantining”, “social distancing”, and “air-quality index.” Oxymorons are also taking over our headlines such as “stormy California” and “rainy Arizona.” Spurred by the pandemic and climate crisis, the world is changing faster than ever before – and our ...

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2023 EGBC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award Recipient

In the ever-evolving world of structural engineering, there are individuals who not only excel in the technical side, but also champion a cause that goes beyond the confines of bricks and beams. Kelsie Priest, P Eng, is one such remarkable professional. Kelsie was honoured with the 2023 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award at the recent …

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SEABC Meritorious Achievement Announcement

Throughout her career, Kelsie Priest has put immense effort towards building a community of women in engineering and helping others feel more comfortable and welcome within this industry. We are proud to announce that Kelsie Priest has won the SEABC Meritorious Achievement Award. Kelsie joined Glotman Simpson in 2012 for a co-op placement and then …

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