Station Square Redevelopment

Burnaby B.C. ● Commercial

Station Square Redevelopment aspires to redevelop and redefine an existing, outdated and under-utilized 11.8 acre site in Metrotown into a welcoming, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use development. The development will be completed in five phases with full project completion anticipated for 2018-2020. The five phases will see the completion of 5 significant towers, ranging from 25 – 48 storeys respectively.

The residential high-rises will be built with the intention to intertwine with retail, office and entertainment uses. The first tower, situated on the north-east corner of the site, will be 35 storeys atop two storeys of office and retail space on the ground floor and was completed in 2015. The second tower will be a lofty 57-storey tower complete with condo units, retail and office space. The 35-storey third tower will be located south of the second tower, and the fourth 48-storey high-rise will be across the road where a parkade currently sits. The fifth tower will soar 52 storeys high and contain residential units. All in, the project proposes 1,802 condos in 5 towers.

The painstaking design process endeavoured for the creation of a space with a welcoming community feel. The redevelopment includes plans to remove all existing external finishes, replacing them with more contemporary materials such as glass panelling, allowing natural light to filter in and creating a warm, accessible interior. Taking advantage of the area being a transportation hub (due to the location’s easy access to the Skytrain), the design includes plans for a public plaza, green spaces described as ‘outdoor city living rooms’, public art, fountains and seating areas. The project targets LEED Gold certification; green roofs and green spaces are incorporated into the design, steering clear of the dreaded concrete jungle effect.

The proposed three acres of green space will also assist with storm water retention and insulation, while creating a park-like feel in the middle of a bustling urban centre.